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Hi there!

Pappa’s got a brand new bag:


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The results are in!

So, a whopping 77% of you want me to keep the blog, not including the 14%  “other” votes which pretty much said the same thing.  5% of you said to ditch it (I was expecting more, honestly).  And another 5% weren’t sure.  In the interest of full disclosure (and to make sense of the rounded-up percentages which add up to more than 100%), here’s how the votes add up:

17 votes “yes,” 1 vote “no,” 1 vote “not sure,” and 3 votes “other.”

So, January 1st, I will continue blogging.  Maybe on this site, maybe on another.  I dunno yet.  As one of the “other” votes commented, AKMoots wouldn’t make much sense.

Stay tuned…

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I’m still here…

…but I’m trying to decide whether or not to keep this thing going, so I’m leaving it up to you.

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Moving on…

So I’m sure by now most of you know that I’m jumping the Alaskan ship and swimming for the shore that is North Carolina.  Most of you also know why, so I won’t go into great detail here on the world wide tubes.  Suffice it to say that I’ve enjoyed my time here considerably and will miss everone dearly.  The experience has profoundly effected me and it’s something I will cherish the rest of my life.  I really do hate goodbyes, so to everyone here, I give you a great big hug and a “see you later!”

Once I get my shit back in order I will do my best to continue this blog.  It’s a pretty hefty promise as much as I’ve neglected this thing lately.  My apologies.

See you later!


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Knock, knock…

The first ‘cross race is coming up!  I’m nowhere near ready for it.  In fact, my only goal is to not get lapped…twice.  You see, while I do ok on the road and trail, the short efforts don’t suit me very much.  I’ll just go out there and try to hang on, I guess.  Here’s the course map, which is really just a suggestion:


Keep in mind, the course can and will change depending on how many puddles the course designer finds.  Seriously, give him a course in the desert and he’ll find water to run it through…several times.  Nothing wrong with a little schmutz on your bike.  I just hope it’s not epic filth like this:

I might have results and pictures up this weekend, depending on how long it’ll take to clean the bike.

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Summer’s over.

Well, looks like Summer’s over up here.  The days are getting shorter, the leaves are starting to change, it’s getting cooler, and there’s an impending sense of fear that it could start snowing at any second.  Don’t get me wrong, snow’s OK, it’s just that this Summer was far and above the one before it.  Or as I like to call it, “the Summer that never was.”  Looking back over all the saddle time I accrued over the season, I realize that not nearly enough of it came from commuting.  It’s a relatively simple 4 mile ride door to door, but for some reason I valued the 15 extra minutes of sleep or the convenience of the car over a relaxing ride to work.  Last year, I lived twice as far away, but commuted twice as many days.  I think it’s because there’s really not much to see on my current route besides the occasional homeless guy sleeping on a bench, broken glass, construction, inattentive motorists, and sometimes other cyclists.  Before, my route took me through almost half of the Campbell Creek trail and up Rabbit Creek road (or down if I was going to work).  I guess proximity to work isn’t as important as the quality of the commute.

Along with the changing of the leaves, comes the beginning of another ‘cross season.  If you’re around APU Wednesday at 6:30 (September 2nd), be sure to check out the Cyclocross Clinic at the Moseley Sports Center.  It’s a great way to learn the rudimentary cyclocross skills like dismounting, mounting, barriers, etc.  And best of all, it’s free!  So like any free clinic, you’re sure learn something, and some of you might walk outta there with an ache in your nether parts.  I sure hope to be there!  I’m hoping to learn how to do this:

Bang pow!

Bang pow!

Or possibly this:

But knowing me, I’ll more than likely do this:

Epic faceplants or not, it should be a good time.


Might have posted this one already, but if not….here you go.

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Hark! Is that cyclocross around the corner?

After a week of stewing and bitching, I’m finally (mostly) over the quagmire that was the Tour of Anchorage.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a resounding success as far as stage wins goes (four out of five); but the team placed all its eggs in my basket and I dropped it.  I really hate letting people down.  Lots of crazy shit happened that weekend: shredded wheel, stolen bike, rain, more rain, and a really awesome guy we brought on at the last second on the podium (ok maybe that last one wasn’t so crazy).  At least I got all the bad juju out of my system that Sunday by lapping the field.  What’s that?  They didn’t chase because I wasn’t in contention?  Don’t harsh my mellow.

Now that the road season is pretty much over up here, cylocross can FINALLY begin.  Check out the flyer here.  I’m only doing the first 3 races since I’ll be heading down South.  Bruce, if you’re reading this, I’ve got 2 words:  Summer Cyclocross.  Six races isn’t nearly enough.  Seriously, I’ll even let you take all the credit.  Unless it’s a complete success, then it was totally my idea.  Despite the fact that I’m terrible at it, I get just as stoked about ‘cross as any other discipline of cycling.  It’s just fun as hell!  Check it out:

Ok, two more words, Bruce:  beer tent.  It might actually get people who aren’t friends and family to come watch some races.  I’ll take a beer shower if it means more people showing up.  This one sums it up quite nicely:

Looks like Stevil Kinevil landed back on his feet.  After a very painfully boring several week absence, he’s back on the interweb.  Welcome back Stevil!  Bacon, Budweiser, and Danzig just weren’t the same without you.  Perhaps his return will inspire me to write a little more regularly, a little more often…  perhaps.


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