Hark! Is that cyclocross around the corner?

After a week of stewing and bitching, I’m finally (mostly) over the quagmire that was the Tour of Anchorage.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a resounding success as far as stage wins goes (four out of five); but the team placed all its eggs in my basket and I dropped it.  I really hate letting people down.  Lots of crazy shit happened that weekend: shredded wheel, stolen bike, rain, more rain, and a really awesome guy we brought on at the last second on the podium (ok maybe that last one wasn’t so crazy).  At least I got all the bad juju out of my system that Sunday by lapping the field.  What’s that?  They didn’t chase because I wasn’t in contention?  Don’t harsh my mellow.

Now that the road season is pretty much over up here, cylocross can FINALLY begin.  Check out the flyer here.  I’m only doing the first 3 races since I’ll be heading down South.  Bruce, if you’re reading this, I’ve got 2 words:  Summer Cyclocross.  Six races isn’t nearly enough.  Seriously, I’ll even let you take all the credit.  Unless it’s a complete success, then it was totally my idea.  Despite the fact that I’m terrible at it, I get just as stoked about ‘cross as any other discipline of cycling.  It’s just fun as hell!  Check it out:

Ok, two more words, Bruce:  beer tent.  It might actually get people who aren’t friends and family to come watch some races.  I’ll take a beer shower if it means more people showing up.  This one sums it up quite nicely:

Looks like Stevil Kinevil landed back on his feet.  After a very painfully boring several week absence, he’s back on the interweb.  Welcome back Stevil!  Bacon, Budweiser, and Danzig just weren’t the same without you.  Perhaps his return will inspire me to write a little more regularly, a little more often…  perhaps.




  1. sean said

    dude, noone is going to show up to watch you take a shower…. except maybe oscar.

    • akmoots said

      Well, who do you think is gonna spray the beer on me?

  2. sean said

    dirty euros…..

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