The Breaks.

A lot of you know I don’t believe in fate, predestination, or whatever else people use to eschew responsibility and accountability.  Rather, I’m a believer in the law of averages, statistics, probability, and chance.  Unfortunately, I was mathmatically ready for a serious mechanical/wreck after not having had one on the road bike for at least 4 years.  Too bad it was on a night that I held the lead of the Tour of Anchorage.

Tonight’s stage was the pancake-flat Fort Richardson road race.  Normally time bonuses liven a race up and keep it moving along pretty quickly.  Bull shit.  This was the most pedestrian (thanks for the adjective, Cullen), twitchy, squirrely race I have done since doing the category 5 Podunk criterium in BFE South Carolina.  Quick note to all you guys who can’t handle a bike well enough to sprint:  GET OFF OF THE GOD DAMN FRONT!  Now, I’m not much of a sprinter by any stretch, but I’m a pretty damn good bike handler (which we’ll get into later).  So yeah, I feel like I can mix it up with the guys whose wattages easily double mine.  Hey, my lead was slim, and if I see a guy trying to chip into it with these time bonuses, I’m going after him for sure.  Anyway, it had been pissing rain all day, I had road grit in my shorts, it was getting cold, and I was in a real big hurry to get this race over.  It was over alright.  On the last lap, one guy scrubs my wheel, panics, hits another guy, and he falls over into my rear wheel, taking all the spokes from the drive side with him.  Fuck.   

So that wheel I just shined and polished and degreased, etc. now looks like this:



Well, at least I'm getting a Power Tap with my PFD.

Well, at least I'm getting a Power Tap with my PFD.

I’m just glad I spent so much time on the mountain bike this Summer, otherwise I wouldn’t have kept it upright.  All the Twitchy McSquirrelingtons in the group would have crashed spectacularly.  Unfortunately you don’t get time bonuses for narrowly evading crashes, nor do they give you a break for finishing 10+ minutes down because of a wreck (at least as far as I know).  I do feel bad for the other 2 or 3 guys who didn’t come out so well.  That’s probability for ya.  I don’t want to sound presumptuous and say I was a shoo in, but I feel I had a better chance of winning the Tour of Anchorage than most.  I’m philosophical about it, though.  I’ve had the best year of cycling I’ve ever had in my life.  I never would have thought that I could finish a 24 hour race on a rigid single speed, much less finish in 3rd.  And look at my results through the season.  This was the first race all year I finished lower than 4th.  Maybe some of you guys were right, I should have moved up to Experts.  I dunno.  Maybe I’ll stick around in Sport and run the fucking board next year (again).

So, three beers, six waffles, and one blog later, I’m going to make a promise to you readers since you’ve stuck with me this far.  With all the time that I lost today, I get to have a little fun.  This means doing what I do best, and what I do best is attack, drive the pace, and just put a fucking hurt on people in general.  I can guaran-damn-tee that people will be suffering come Sunday.




  1. Jim & Karen Fish said

    OMG – that picture is devastating to look at!! You are an excellent writer and I can totally picture what happened last night by reading your blog. I’m sure the waffles made you feel better but the blog is awesome. We are so proud of how well you have done this season and know we will be hearing/seeing more of you. Good luck for the rest of the tour and WATCH OUT FOR THE MORONS!! 🙂

  2. […] and I dropped it.  I really hate letting people down.  Lots of crazy shit happened that weekend: shredded wheel, stolen bike, rain, more rain, and a really awesome guy we brought on at the last second on the […]

  3. OMG! This wheel look’s awsome! 🙂

    CC is something really diferent to road cycling.

    Keep up!

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