I’m Back.

Hope you all survived the Fourth of July weekend with your fingers, eardrums, diets and dignity intact.  Well, your fingers at least. 

Finally, after a much needed blog hiatus, I’m back in the writing chair with index fingers on stand-by ready to hammer out another gem for you.  But lo and behold, all the fun stuff I did this weekend, all the news that’s going on, I seem to be having a bit of a head cramp at the moment.  I think it’s all the food and UFC over at my friend’s house.  Great times.

The Tour started this weekend, as I’m sure one or two of you may know (or care).  This means that in the States our TV experience equates to nothing more than the 3 weeks and some change Lance Armstrong stroke-off.  You’d almost think that there were 179 other guys out there riding with Lance just to keep him entertained.  It’s comparable to Tiger Woods and golf, David Beckham and soccer, and Park Joo Bong and badminton.  I suppose it’s good to have someone who personifies the something enough to make it popular to even the most ignorant person.  But we already have a self-aggrandizing, mono-testicular, sanctimonious, media-basher, and she called it quits a few days ago.  Maybe she’ll come back in four years and run for governor again.

After a week of recovery rides and ample leg stretching I’m back on the bike and gearing up for the next bunch of races on the calendar, all culminating into a (hopefully) successful Tour of Anchorage.  I was 50/50 about doing the Soggy Bottom 100 mountain bike race before the Tour, but it’s now looking like 80/20 against, especially since the feeling still hasn’t come back in my toes and now I’m getting this funky thing going on in my left thumb.  I know, I know “HTFU.” 

 That’s pretty much it for now.  It’s kind of anti-climatic, isn’t it?  Here I was blogging nearly every day in the wind-up to the 24 hour race, and then POOF!  Seems like the race was the blog’s raison d’être.  Rest assured, I will be doing it again next year.



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