So this is it, the last post before I chafe my nether bits into a pulp.  You can be sure I’ll post up as soon as possible after the race with plenty of pictures, videos, acerbic wit, banter and other such literary sundries.  Hard to believe this was a year ago: 

Here we are, wondering just how narrow Bike Monkee can get his bars.  Sure, me and The Grouch are pretty amicable in this picture (how can you argue with the Spanish mullet?), but when go time comes around, it’s gonna be “On Like Tony Orlando and Dawn.”  It’s gonna be the Eighty Years’ War all over again!  Well, as long as there’s no descents and no rooty sections.  There are?  Crap.  I guess The Grouch might lay one of these on me:

assfoot.jpg picture by yroovers

One thing that really bums me out about going solo is just plain hanging out and drinking between turns.

Plenty of time for that Sunday at noon…  if there’s any beer left.

See you Monday!


I just love double entendres, don’t you?



  1. Julie said

    I know it’s kind of sad that everyone I know is going solo this year, but exciting! Good luck!

    • akmoots said

      Thanks Julie! You’re doing a twelver right? Good luck to you too!

  2. Curt said


    I have that junk yard cross file if you’d like to embed it…it’s in real player format though…

    • akmoots said

      That would be awesome!

  3. Tim said

    Good luck, have fun, and stay upright!

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