I should probably put more effort into these titles…

…but it’s really like Magic Shell on your ice cream right?  You have to stab through that really hard chocolate to get to the good stuff, but the whole time the ice cream is just spinning around in the bowl and you can’t really get it to stay in one place long enough to crack it, so you say “the hell with it” and just pick it apart with your fingers.  That’s kinda what this blog is all about.  Sorta.  Ok, not at all, but it sounded cool.

food124.jpg image by naomipoe


Not that I’ve been keeping track or anything, but since my ankle surgery at the beginning of this year, I’ve lost over 15 pounds.  Funny thing is, I didn’t really notice it because I’ve only changed my eating habits slightly (I cut out a lot of beer but not the coffee and Skittles), yet all my clothes seem to fit a bit looser. So now the skinsuit I got from the team is all wrinkly when I wear it, kinda like a  Kinley’s-Fish sharpei.  On the plus side, I’ll be wearing the skinsuit mostly for cyclocross, and all the associated beer drinking will have me filling that thing out in no time.

The wife and I checked a few more things off our list(s) for the Rally in the Valley.  All that’s left to do now is pack everything up Friday night, try to sleep, and then ride all day/night/day.  Still, in spite of all the lists, I can’t help but feel there’s something I’m forgetting.  Maybe it’s that anxiety that’s keeping me energized.  Regardless, with such a great pit crew I doubt there’s much I’m lacking besides adequate bike-handling skills, and I’ve got a whole day to get that figured out.

Here’s a great vid my Dad sent me, only proving my belief that you can have ‘cross races any damn time any damn where you want.  Gnar indeed.  (Note: Just found out the link is broken.  It was a really sweet urban cross vid of riding through trailers and stuff.  Bummer.)



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