Tick Tock…

Looks like Ed McMahon’s gone to the couch next to Johnny Carson’s desk in the sky.  I’ve always remembered him from Star Search, so I’ll give How to Avoid the Bummer Life (dot) com’s take on it…three-and-a-quarter stars:


Tonight was the last night of intervals for a while.  No more until at least a week after the 24 hour race.  The legs felt super sprightly, so let’s hope they stay that way until noon Sunday.  Mentally I think I’m ready as I’ll ever be.  I’ve gone over all my lists a few dozen times, and I’ll go over em a few dozen more between now and go-time just to be safe.  One can’t ask for a better support crew either.  Between my wife, Rio from AEA, Fish, and my coach/dominatrix (who may be stopping by to offer mental support), I have no reason not to finish this thing.  It’s all up to me and how strong my resolution is for that 24 hour period.  And lately, my resolution has been pretty damn strong.

Still no bites on the Moots yet.  I just hate to put it on Craigslist when there’s so many more deserving cyclists on the local forum (hint, hint).  Maybe Dicky will buy it!  He could use another Moots SS…  I’ll even lower the seat for him.  Seriously, buy my shit, then they’ll quit accusing me of “totally sweating your jock” (not my words).

So, this week has been getting nothing but better, and I hope it keeps going in that direction. 


Here’s your vid!


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