Odds and Ends

First off, happy Father’s Day everyone!  You know who you are!

Had a great mind-clearing, stress-reducing, two-hour ride in the dirt this morning.  After weeks of 4+ hour mountain bike rides it was good to get a short one in at a pace I could never imagine maintaining for 24 hours.  I rode it like a 2 hour ‘cross race.  You know you’ve gone fast when you have the taste of blood and dirt in your mouth.  I still can’t descend for crap though.  I swear I’m gonna have some pretty warped rotors by the end of the season.


It was kinda rainy/drizzly this morning and the trails were a little damp.  I can honestly say that trails have a completely different character when they’re somehwat wet (but not so wet as to become damaged by riding on them, I would never do that).  It never fails though.  As soon as I was done, the sun came out.  Typical Anchorage.

Kincaid’s full of Moose.  So many, in fact, that when I was brushing all the dried mud and grass off the bike, there was a bunch of moose hair stuck to the bottom of my downtube.

I saw a ptarmigan out today.  It just happened to be running right in front of me like I was chasing it for about 50 yards until it finally took flight and almost shat on me.  Reminded me of “Follow That Bird” with slightly less pooping.

The weather seemed to keep most of the trail users away.  Especially the runners who never seem to be able to smile.  Did see a guy out with his kick ass dogs.  He smiled and waved every time we passed each other while his dogs sat perfectly still.  Those South Carolina yard dogs (and their owners) could learn a thing or two from these guys.

Just another skookum Saturday on the mountain bike! 

Happy Father’s Day!  (Please watch!)



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