Live and Let Live

Every day I seem to encounter more and more animosity, grudges, malevolence, acrimony and ill will.  I see it on my ride to work, I see it at work, I see it on the news,  I see it in politics,  I see it in the cycling community, I see it on Facebook.  Hell, it’s everywhere; and yes, I’m guilty of it too on multiple occasions.  What bothers me most are the grudges people have against one another.  What happened to live and let live?  (You know I was more familiar with “Live and Let Die” for quite some time, but only because my parents are music geeks just like me.)  Granted, this whole blog was motivated by a brief grudge as was the fact that I’ve been writing so prolifically.  But I’m past that now, and I’m hoping any antipathy has gone by the wayside. 

I’m not sure where I read it or heard it, but there’s a quasi-philisophical mantra I like to think of every time I get worked up over something.  I call it the 15 rule.  When something pisses me off, I think to myself, “Will this matter 15 minutes from now?”  15 hours?  15 days?  15 weeks, etc.  About 99% of stuff that really grinds my gears can be resolved in 15 minutes.  That, or it really doesn’t matter, and I just get the hell on with my life.  Too often I’ve seen people hold a grudge and it effects them more deeply than they realize. 

There’s also something really cathartic about forgiveness, even when the offending party doesn’t realize they’ve done anything wrong, much less that they are forgiven for it.  Shit, I forgive people everyday for blocking the bike path or turning in front of me.  Yeah, I’ll curse at em for about an hour, or blog about em later, but I’m usually over it before I go to bed.  And you know what?  I sleep a lot better because of it.  I can only hope people are as forgiving for the crap I’ve done, which is quite a lot.  This seems to help.

Seriously, though, take a mental inventory of your day.  Think about how many people piss you off.  OK, now think about how little that really matters in the grand scheme of things.  Hug it out.

The worst tattoo ever illustrates my point beautifully.

The worst tattoo ever illustrates my point beautifully.

Enough hugging already.  Let’s ROCK!




  1. ARTHUR said

    You know how many complaints I hear in one day? Think of my line of work. It’s all about I can’t, it won’t, it leaks, it hurts.

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