Weekend Recap, etc.

About 4 hours into my scheduled 6 hour ride Saturday, I dabbed on a pretty easy section of trail at a pretty easy place to go mountain biking.  You see, sometimes I get a little distracted and let my mind wander a little bit.  But this time my front wheel wandered along with it right into a soft spot off the left side of the trail.  Normally that’s not so bad, you just hoist the front wheel back on the trail and keep going.  But this time I had to unclip and put my foot down.  Bad idea.  I should have just tumbled into the cow parsnip like I usually do at least once or twice on a mountain bike ride.  Instead,  I put my foot down and it kinda twisted the ankle I just had rebuilt.  I think had I not had it fixed, I most certainly would have sprained it, but instead it was just a little sore.  I rode for another hour until I decided to take it easy and call the wife to come pick me up.  Besides the ankle roll, nothing crazy happened on the ride.  One moose, no porn, only a few jumping fish, and only a couple of runners.  Anyone notice runners never smile?  Why is that?  I’m smiling all the damn time!  I’m having so much fun my face is locked in a perma-grin like Fire Marshall Bill (especially when my gums dry out on a really long and fast descent).

Lately I’ve been trying to cut back on the sweets and the caffeine with little luck.  I think I’m down to about a pot of coffee a day, and maybe 8 bags of Skittles.  Believe it or not, I had an easier time cutting waaaaaaay back on the beer.  Not really sure why that is.  Maybe it’s because candy and coffee are EVERYWHERE in the office.  So’s water, but ironically I don’t drink nearly as much of that as I should, according to my coach.  Actually, let me digress for a moment and talk about Janice for a moment.  Janice is one of those people who does great things, but you only hear about it from other people.  She never really mentions all the work she puts in with Singletrack Advocates, Mighty Bikes, and the countless athletes she coaches among many other things.  Here’s an example, we exchanged several emails this weekend regarding the klutz rolling his ankle, and the Mooseberry Stampede race in The Valley (which I think is the same course for the 24 hour race).  Never did she mention this.  She’s easily been one of the best coaches I’ve had in any sport.  She’s even taken into consideration my prohibitively short attention span (see above) when scheduling my workouts, which is no small feat!  I can say without a doubt that I’m a better cyclist physically and mentally because of her.  Not only that, she’s just a really cool person (and no, she didn’t pay me to write that).  In short, thanks Janice!  (You owe me 50 bucks now.)

I usually post a music video of some sort at the end of my blogs, but this was so radtacular, that I had to include it.  Basically, take Danny MacAskill, steal his bike, and you end up with this guy (thanks again to Stevil @ HTATBL):

My daughter, who watched it with me, was equally impressed but less emphatic.  Her response?  “I like that guy.”  Know what?  I like that guy too.



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  1. Janice said

    Checks in the mail! LOL!!!!!

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