Too Early for Cyclocross?

For some reason I’ve been thinking a lot about cyclocross lately.  Perhaps it’s beacuse the event I’m currently training for is about as diametrically opposed to a brutally fast one-hour event as you can get.  It’s also one of my favorite disciplines of cycling.  The funny thing is, I’m absolutely terrible at it.  I’m a sub-par bike handler first of all.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m decent on the road and trails, but for some reason I just become apoplectic on a cross course.  Also, I just don’t have the top end that some of these guys do.  One hour plus at VO2 max?  No way.  But I’m pretty sure Janice will fix that before the season starts.  That being said, why not do a summer ‘cross series?  Or even a race or two?  No one says you have to have these events in the fall and winter.  I’ve raced road and mountain bikes in the winter, why not ‘cross races any other time?  You’d definitely get more spectators out to watch, that’s for sure.  If we’re lucky, we’ll get a crowd like this (check out the post here):

From How to Avoid the Bummer Live (dot) com

From How to Avoid the Bummer Live (dot) com

And not one that results in this (you’ll see what I mean at around 1 minute):

In case you needed a closer look:

Bang pow!

Bang pow!

Getting heckled and having beer sprayed on you?  We should be so lucky. 

Actually I am!  Check out the Fish Cycling website and its totally awesome ego-stroke.  Thanks Fish!  Looking forward to having some motivation!  Maybe I won’t have to kick anybody.



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