Recovery days are great, but sometimes I feel lazy on the rest days when I’m off the bike completely (except for the ride to, and sometimes from, work).  I had all afternoon to sit down and write, but I just didn’t feel motivated.  I had new socks to try on!  Instead, at the urging of my wife, we made a list of what to bring to the 24 hour race (how many times am I gonna mention this thing anyway?  I mean, shit, will I have anything to write about when it’s done?).  We tried to account for every possible scenario and contingency, and it turns out the vehicle we just got might not be big enough.  I guess we’ll have to leave the TIG welder and bench grinder at home.  After an hour or so of picking each others’ brains we finally pared the list down to about 8 pages.  I seemed to forget that we were also camping with a high energy toddler and an equally high energy dog.

Once we finished revising the list, we divided it into several other lists, and made a list of those lists.  So I have a list of stores where said items could be acquired, a list of where some items will go (campsite, bike, CamelBak, etc.), a list of…well, you get the idea.  It may sound like I’m bitching , but without those lists I’m sure something pretty important will be forgotten, like my bike (list 4 item 1 subset 2).  I’m actually grateful for my wife’s organizational abilities.  I can only imagine what would happen if we took my approach of “pack the car with everything you can think of and sort it out when you get there.”  Who knows, maybe we can find a middle ground.  I’m sure it’ll be on a list somewhere.




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