The Inherent Dangers of Doubling Up

So, yesterday I posted a funny picture:

Best lead out EVER!

Best lead out EVER!

And today, I get home from a non-stop rock block of trails and check my Face Book page to see an even funnier picture:

Even better lead out.

Even better lead out.

Thanks to Crank Addict for the best photo-chop job I’ve seen in a while.  He’s even taken the time to include the trademark action figure we gave him last Christmas!  What’s even funnier is the fact that everyone knows that The Grouch is the bottom in our “situation,” in spite of my shaved legs and the overwhelming amount of mandex I own.

All that mandex was worthwhile, though, as my nether parts had a great “get to know you” session with my saddle this morning while spending the better part of 5 hours riding around in the dirt.  Some of my time was actually spent riding to the trails (what a concept).  What I didn’t realize, was that the Tour de Cure was going on at the same time.  You may remember a previous post in which I describe the habits of certain cyclists.  Well, there were flocks of ’em out there today, not to mention the hordes of fruit booters.  That’s fine and dandy.  I won’t take away from anyone’s enjoyment of the outdoors (especially considering how much better this summer has been than the last), but my patience was definitely tested.  Thankfully I had miles and miles of dirt to look forward to… and the re-emergence of my tan lines that faded back to pasty white last “summer.”

And for those of you really wondering about me and The Grouch, here’s how it really went down, no pun intended (or was it?).



 Nothing like a comic with a redeeming social message to suck the fun out of everything (oh- there I go again).

Enjoy the video.  Later!



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  1. sean said

    that rules!! manny is an artist of the highest caliber.

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