Another Quickie

I won’t occupy too much of your time, as I’m sure you’re all gearing up for the non-working awesomeness that is the weekend.  If you are working, good on you.  Sometimes days off in the middle of the week are just as sweet, especially since you get to slack off while everyone’s at work.  Actually I know quite a few people like that…

With my 24 hour solo attempt quickly approaching, I’ll be getting lots of saddle time this weekend.  A 50-miler with Fish and Co. on Saturday, followed by a nice 5-6 hour jam on the mountain bike Sunday.  All that interspersed with lots of quality family time.

Isn’t that all we really need?  Time with the family, time doing what we enjoy?  Who needs anything else?

Have fun doing what you do this weekend!


Rock out with whatever it is you rock out with (it rhymes with “rock”).


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