One More Car

After a few years of being a one car family, the wife and I are proud new owners of a second car.  Another SUV to boot.  And no, the irony of a pretty left-leaning cyclist owning two large vehicles is not lost on me one bit.  Actually, the way our Explorer is going, we’re more of a car-and-a-half household.  You see, a few weeks ago the Ford really started to take a shit, and rather than pump more money into a car that’s going to die soon anyway, we figured a second car at this point would be pretty worthwhile (the timing couldn’t have been better- long story).  After all, you can’t really put a price on peace of mind.  I ride the bike to work most days, but if you really feel the need to give me grief, go right ahead.  Here’s a website to help you out.  Just remember, lots of us drive our bikes to where we’re going to ride them, and that makes us all hypocrites to an extent.  I’m just glad we finally have a vehicle that can hold all our shit.

Here’s another video:

Until next time!



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