The Best Laid Plans of Fish and Men

Sometimes your plans go all to shit and you still end up having a great time.  Take this past weekend for instance.  Ordinarily, I like to have my long rides on Saturday, but my father-in-law and I were recruited (with the promise of copious amounts of beer) to help my brother-in-law build a table for his taxidermy business.  I’m not one to pass up free shit, especially when that shit is beer.  Actually, the promise of beer and potentially lethal power tools made the task even more enticing.  The big bonus was that I got to bring home a coyote fur along with a busted thumbnail.  Solid.  (And I still managed to squeeze in an hour on the trainer.)  Sunday morning, the Fish crew was going to get in a good long ride from Bartlett high school to the Eagle River Nature Center and back– twice.  We were hoping to get this done and over with since most of us had obligations later in the day.  Of course, the cycling gods were frowning on us that morning as it was pissing rain and 40 degrees.  Like I’ve said before, I don’t ride in the rain unless I get to pay someone to do it.  So we took a vote and decided to continue our get together in the warmth and comfort of Kaladi’s.  Nothing like a 2 hour BS session to burn off all the beer from the day before.  I was really starting to regret not going mountain biking.  Maybe Definitely next time  Check out the awesome boondoggle here.

I finally made it back and got on the trainer for a couple of hours before the in-laws came over bearing gifts of food (see below) and good humored companionship.  It was actually nice outside after the family went home, too nice to ride in fact.  So the wife and daughter and I took a trip to the park and flew a kite:

Played on the swings:

Made some old school Jiffy Pop (thanks Randy and Susan!):

And after we put the munchkin to bed, I got in another hour and a half on the trainer.

Not a bad weekend after all.


Can’t leave without a video!



  1. Tim said

    You’re a really twisted bugger for riding a trainer instead of getting outside this time of year. Road racers are weird.

    • akmoots said

      I can assure you it was purely out of necessity.

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