This PR was almost a DNS.

As promised, here’s the rundown of the Time Trial and the events leading up to it:

After schlepping a ladder around a newly constructed middle school and fixing some building control panels for the last day and a half, my legs were a tad sore.  On top of that the weather forecast wasn’t too favorable, so I skipped out on the ride to work.  I was really considering scratching another time trial, but luckily the HTFU mantra has been well ingrained into my head.  After all, why would I ride to work in this weather for free, when I can do the same thing later in the day and spend money doing it?  And what the hell happened to the righteous weather we were having?  Anyway, I warmed up in the drizzle and the light wind, and the rain stopped long enough for me to almost miss my start.  Apologies to Missy and everyone else keeping time, I didn’t think it would take that long to cruise to the end of the road and back.  Luckily all the waving and screaming snapped me out of whatever crappy song was going through my head, and got me to the start line about 8 seconds late.  Apparently I was supposed to put my foot down at the line and then start, but I don’t think a rolling start almost 10 seconds too late would have given me much of an advantage.  Again, sorry ladies!

I had the privelege of starting last in our category (sport), with my team mate Steve starting 30 seconds (give or take 10) ahead of me, which meant I had a really good rabbit to try to catch.  Long story short, Steve caught everyone who started ahead of him, and so did I- sort of.  I finally passed him with about 3 miles to go, but I just couldn’t put the last nail in the coffin, and he ended up back ahead of me with a mile left.  Check out the results here.  Suffice it to say, I was pretty satisfied with the outcome (40 seconds off my PR!), and was glad I came out in spite of the weather (which turned out to be quite nice).  A big “thank you” to Janice for keeping me on track!  If I keep lopping off chunks of time this huge, I might actually be competitive in the next category.  Maybe next year…  I’ll have to go with a legitimate TT rig, then.

Here’s one last thing before I go:

If only video games really did require you to get off your ass.  And Wii Fit doesn’t count.



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  1. […] gods were frowning on us that morning as it was pissing rain and 40 degrees.  Like I’ve said before, I don’t ride in the rain unless I get to pay someone to do it.  So we took a vote and […]

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