I Hate Recovery Days

Recovery day today.  Instead of going outside and checking out cool shit like I usually do, I just spun on the trainer.  After spending so much time outside this past weekend, that was probably the most difficult ride I ever had on the hamster wheel.  It’s tantamount to taking a kid to Disney World for about 20 minutes and making him spend the rest of the day at a McDonald’s Playland and not buying him a Happy Meal.  But, as I’ve been reminded many times, training is just as mental as it is physical.

I spent a bit of time after spinning getting ready for Thursday’s time trial.  This usually involves thinking about getting my wheels ready, thinking about laying out my clothes, thinking about getting all my other crap together, and watching TV.  So, yeah, I did a lot of thinking.  I’m also thinking about calling Fish to see if I can borrow his TT helmet to finish off the abomination that is me on my quasi-TT bike.  I know it’s wrong on so many levels clamping aero bars to a Moots as well as throwing 15 year old tri-spokes on it.  It’s like a decent car with a crappy spoiler haphazardly bolted to the trunk.  Or a chick with an adam’s apple.  If this really upsets anyone, I’ll gladly take donations toward a legitimate time trial bike.  Until then, I’m gonna have to keep bastardizing my road bike.  At least it’s not as bad as bar ends on riser bars, right?

Finally, here’s another one to keep you all busy:



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