Meh-morial Day Weekend

All the good times this weekend culminated into one kick-ass ride on the Hillside trails.  The Grouch and I were finally able to sync our schedules and get together for 2 hours of ski trails, single track, and buff corkscrew descents.  It was an absolute blast.  I always enjoy mountain bike rides with people more skilled than I am.  That’s a lot of folks if you’ve ever seen me ride on dirt.  Long climbs don’t really bother me too much, but I get gapped fairly easily on the descents.  It really helps to have someone smoother and more technically savvy lead the way to show you the better lines, as long as you can keep him/her in sight. 

Wish I had more to tell you guys, but after the strange ride Saturday, and the day trip to Homer, today was pretty uneventful.  Not uneventful in a bad way, mind you, it all just seemed to click.  Isn’t that all we really ask for?

I’ll be back on the road Thursday for another time trial.  I’m gonna dust off the old tri-spokes, bolt on the aero bars, and hope I can keep the streak going.  Looks like the Kinley’s-Fish team has been pretty productive in my dirt-driven hiatus.

Really wish I had brought the camera on the ride today so I’d have some pictures to show you.  Maybe this will suffice:

Now, I’m not a free rider (or whatever) by any stretch, but I think it’s pretty amazing what these guys do.  Plus, some of this footage was filmed right here in Alaska.

Happy trails!



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