The Lost Art of the Mix Tape

It’s funny how little I’ve been riding the mountain bike considering I’m doing a 24 hour race in a little over a month.  I regretfully had to turn down an invite from The Grouch to ride this afternoon, but I did manage to get a nice ride on the trainer (again).  As luck would have it, my iPod died right in the middle of this song:

But instead of my brain immediately thinking the next song on the album (which is Your Redneck Past, I believe), I started playing this song in my head:

And then this one:

I wasn’t sure why at first, until I remembered the mixtape of epic preportions.  It was 90 minutes of complete randomness that somehow got lost in the reaches of outer space.  Or it’s probably still under the passenger seat of my Corolla that we sold before moving here, not sure which.  Regardless, this tape was by far the epitome of what one would call musical ADD.  Theme?  Ha!  This tape ran the gamut from ska to speed metal to classical and back.  Something got lost in the making of mix tapes when the iPod came along.  Now all you have to do is click and drag, and- TA DA!  You have a playlist!  There was actually something enjoyable about gathering piles of CDs and tapes (and yes, even LPs) and picking out songs and doing some quick calculations so that you didn’t run out of tape in the middle of a song, or leave about 7 minutes of dead silence at the end of side ‘A’.  And God forbid you leave a blip of the next song you didn’t want on there.  

 I generally avoided themes, unless it was around Valentine’s day and there was a chick I wanted to impress with my sensitivity as well as my musical library.  Actually, I borrowed my sisters’ CDs for that schmaltzy crap.  No way this abomination was coming anywhere near my music.

All this thinking about mixtapes got me a little nostalgic, but I doubt I’ll ever give up the iPod for the old Emerson portable tape player I had.  No way you could have jammed that sucker into a jersey pocket.


“…when all words fail, she speaks.  Her mix tape’s a masterpiece…”    (“Kate”  Ben Folds Five)


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  1. […] just got away from me.  So here it is, a day late and $235 short (adjusted for inflation).  In a previous post, I mentioned my lack of dirt time on the bike.  Saturday’s 3-hour death march around Kincaid […]

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