I Love Recovery Days

Nothing beats schlepping around on the bike with no particular destination or plan.  It’s almost like a freestyle poetry jam, but without all the militance, pretentiousness, crappy coffee and even crappier poetry.  Ok, it’s nothing like that.  Maybe it’s more like a stroll or a saunter, possibly even a ramble or a mosey.  It’s good to just take it back a notch sometimes and remember that the journey is not the destination.  Today is a good example.  We have a paved trail almost literally in our back yard.  I try to avoid it in the evenings because it’s teeming with people out on their walks, usually four-wide across the path.  The thing is, they don’t move out of your way…ever.  Even when they see you coming they can’t be bothered to make even one sidestep to let you through.  Sometimes I half expect them to link arms and start an impromptu game of mobile Red Rover.  Are we as cyclists this bad on the road?  Have we been reduced to a blue-haired phalanx, hell-bent on impeding the flow of traffic?  Maybe they’re just filtering out the other trail menace: the “I gotta ride as fast as I can on this crowded path despite the kid in front of me who just learned to ride his bike and almost ended up crushed under my self-important wheels” guy.   You’ve all seen him.  He’s the guy on the Cervelo with matching everything.  Right down to the clip-on aero bars and helmet mirror.  The guy who screams “on your left,” gives you the stink-eye as he passes, and ends up riding in the grass for about 50 feet because he’s such a crappy bike handler that he can’t look to the side and keep his bike straight at the same time (hence, the helmet mirror).  Yep, if you’re worried about maintaining your heart rate, this probably isn’t the place for you. 

But it’s not all aggravation and annoyance.  On Sundays, my wife and daughter and I load up and ride the bikes to one of the many parks and playgrounds along the trail and have lunch.  It’s great to see so many people playing outside, having cookouts, and fishing in the creek (the extreme frisbee guys I could take or leave)  I’ve even seen kayakers paddling in the water along the trail.  I wonder if the self-important Cervelo guy notices this stuff?  Maybe he checks them out in his helmet mirror.  Just look at what he’s missing:

Coastal Trail

Coastal Trail

Baby Moose

Baby Moose

If you find yourself wrapped up in how fast you should be going, maybe you need a recovery day too.

Until next time!




  1. Jan Roovers said

    Wow, that’s some good writing Yrjo! It made my Thursday!
    Looking forward to your next piece.

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  4. […] didn’t realize, was that the Tour de Cure was going on at the same time.  You may remember a previous post in which I describe the habits of certain cyclists.  Well, there were flocks of ‘em out […]

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