6 Miles, 2050 Feet, 1 Gear

Not a bad way to spend a beautiful Alaskan evening.  Although I should have listened to my friend The Grouch when he suggested I bring the cyclocross bike.  Apparently everyone else got the memo but me.  Nonetheless, I persevered.  This was still technically a mountain bike race after all.  The start of the race was about 1/2 mile from the actual climbing, which meant I had to spin my legs like an egg beater in order to stay with the group.  Not likely.  Maybe I could catch them on the climb?  Even less likely.  I was just happy I finished under an hour with plenty of time to spare.  No results yet, but I’m just stoked I made it all the way up in just one gear.  The descent was just as crazy.  6 miles of loose gravel at close to 40 mph!   I can’t imagine how those guys on the ‘cross bikes were able to stay upright.  It felt like my bike was swimming the entire way down.  All in all it was pretty fun.  Not nearly as bad as one friend we tried to convince to come out.  “I’d rather saw off my big toe with dental floss,” was the response.  Maybe next time.  I’ll even bring the dental floss (along with the ‘cross bike).
Dawdling as usual

Dawdling as usual

The group

The Group

Until next time!

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